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Global Strategies

The Global Strategies utilise a top-down investment process based on a broad analysis of economic, political and sentiment drivers to formulate forecasts and develop portfolio themes. Our global strategies seek to exploit the structure of global markets and capitalise on country, sector and industry cycles as they come in and out of favour. In order to maximise the possibility of leveraging top-down themes and identify unintended risk concentrations in the security selection process, FI’s Investment Policy Committee applies risk management controls based on an analysis of prospective stocks to assess their correlations to various countries and sectors.

Global strategies* include:

  • FIIG Global Equity1 (benchmarked against the MSCI World index)
  • FIIG Global Developed Small Cap2 (benchmarked against the MSCI World Small Cap index)
  • FIIG Global Equity Focused3 (benchmarked against the MSCI World index)
  • FIIG All World Equity (benchmarked against the MSCI ACWI index)

Strategy benefits include:

  • An innovative investment process accounting for country, sector and stock decisions
  • Excess return in a variety of market environments
  • A top-down process complementing a multi-manager structure, increasing diversification benefits

*Fisher Investments Australasia delegates portfolio management to its parent company, Fisher Investments.

Investment Process and Portfolio Engineering

The Global strategies seek to add value at the security level, but we believe traditional individual security research is most effective when used to complement higher-level portfolio themes. The strategies’ alpha is approximately evenly divided between country, sector and stock decisions.

  • Top-down process focuses on the most important determinants of portfolio return
  • Economic, political and sentiment drivers shape portfolio themes
  • Combination of quantitative and fundamental research
  • Security selection levered to themes
  • Disciplined portfolio management process
  • Active risk management

Investment Process

Global Strategies

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1“FIIG Global Equity” refers to the FIIG Global Total Return strategy managed by Fisher Investments.
2“FIIG Global Developed Small Cap” refers to the FIIG Global Small Cap strategy managed by Fisher Investments.
3“FIIG Global Equity Focused” refers to the FIIG Global Total Return Focused strategy managed by Fisher Investments.