Fisher Investments Australasia
29.	Leading Research

Leading Research

Fisher Investments Australasia outsources portfolio management, including the research function, to its parent company Fisher Investments (FI).

Fisher Investments has extensive internal research capabilities to support our investment process and portfolio strategies. The breadth and depth of FI’s research structure offers clients the opportunity to leverage our capabilities as an extension of their own.

Global Research Platform

All of our strategies leverage our global research platform. We focus on macroeconomic themes in order to analyse a wide range of economic, political and sentiment drivers to formulate forecasts and develop portfolio themes. All of our strategies leverage proven core competencies and utilise the same macroeconomic outlook and resources to support the particular strategy. FI’s Research Analysts, located in FI’s California and Washington, USA offices are responsible for monitoring the economic, political, and sentiment drivers supporting Our top-down process and for communicating these findings to FI’s Investment Policy Committee daily and as changes arise. In addition, they act as information gatherers in the stock selection process and conduct fundamental securities analysis.

Research Capabilities

All of Fisher Investments' Research Analysts are generalists and therefore devote efforts to all of the firm's strategies. Analysts are key members of the three teams that make up the Research department: Capital Markets Research, Securities Research, and Capital Markets Innovation.

  • Capital Markets Research

    The Capital Markets Research Team is responsible for gathering information used in the analysis of a wide range of economic, political, and sentiment drivers. FI’s IPC uses this research to formulate forecasts and develop portfolio themes. The team's objective is to assist the IPC in determining country, sector and style forecasts using relevant information generated from the drivers to determine over/under weight allocations relative to a strategy's given benchmark. Country and sector-specific coverage is rotated among the analysts at the discretion of management.

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  • Securities Research

    The Securities Research Team is responsible for the initial analysis and ongoing monitoring of all securities held in the firm’s portfolios. Each analyst is assigned securities that fall within specific sectors. They are then responsible for providing FI’s IPC with updates as market conditions dictate or at least once per quarter. Sector coverage is rotated among the analysts at the discretion of management.

  • Capital Markets Innovation Team

    The Capital Markets Innovation Team conducts risk management functions allowing for internal oversight throughout the investment management process. These teams monitor various risk factors and regularly provide detailed reporting to FI’s IPC who ultimately may decide to adjust the portfolio in order to maintain a favourable risk profile.

The following illustration provides insight into FI’s unique Research Structure.