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Capital Markets Research

Capital Markets Research

Fisher Investments Australasia outsources portfolio management, including the research function, to its parent company Fisher Investments (FI).

FI continually strives to offer leading capital markets research to clients and prospects. Proprietary capital markets research and innovation are the cornerstones of our approach to investing. FI’s research seeks to interpret widely known information differently and correctly from other market participants.

Insights and Thought Leadership

We encourage clients to think of the firm as an extension of their own research department. FI participates in a wide range of research and service activities in support of our investment strategies and client-led studies.

White Papers

Metals and Mining Downturn put into Perspective

From September 2000 through the end of 2010, the MSCI World Metals & Mining Index went on a historically large run, outperforming the MSCI World by 455 percentage points1. However, since the start of 2011, the MSCI World Metals & Mining Index has consistently underperformed the MSCI World Index, lagging -63 percentage points (through 31/08/2013)2.Because investors appear to have become accustomed to this industry outperforming in tandem with rising equity markets, and the industry has recently underperformed markedly, some predict a sharp Metals & Mining rebound.However, history appears to argue against a lasting turnaround in the industry’s relative performance anytime soon.

1MSCI World Metals & Mining minus MSCI World, net returns from 30/09/2000 to 31/12/2010.
2MSCI World Metals & Mining minus MSCI World, net returns from 31/12/2010 to 31/08/2013.

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Quarterly Reports

We offer quarterly reports for several of our strategies. Please click here for additional information.